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IFS-15 FTTX fusion splicer

IFS-10 Fusion Splicer $8,000 with 3 Year Warranty
IFS-10 Fusion Splicer
IFS-15H Fusion Splicer $7,000 with a 3 Year Warranty
IFS-15H FTTH Fusion Splicer
IFS-10 Comparison Chart

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IFS-10 Fusion Splicer
IFS-15H FTTx Fusion Splicer
VF-78B Fiber Optic Cleaver
VF-15H Cleaver
D1 Cleaver
D2 Cleaver

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IFS-10 Comparison Chart
INNO IFS-10 Fusion Splicer Flyer
INNO IFS-15H Fusion Splicer Flyer
INNO VF-78B Cleaver
INNO VF-15H Cleaver
INNO D1 Cleaver
INNO D2 Cleaver